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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 14:28:47 BST

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    On 10/02/01 21:13, salice said this-

    >Is it really that important where it came from? I'm more interested
    >in what evolutionary purpose it has.

    Saying anything has evolutionary 'purpose' is dangerous. If culture, an
    emergent property of social groupings of homo sapiens, has been selected
    for, then, there it is. What evolutionary 'purpose' does cellular
    structure have? Does the earth have?

    >Aesthetics differ between cultures.

    The main point of the study of aesthetics is to discover what does _not_
    differ. Cultures differ. The appreciation of beauty, IMHO, does not.

    >Why do people do diets these
    >days and would they have done it in Rubens times?

    Diets are done for many reasons, too many to start to mention. Their
    efficacy is in question, however. What people regard as beautiful is
    fluctuating constantly. People were just as varied in body shape in
    Rubens' time as they are now. Diets as fads, though, might be a new
    thing. And fads are just that, quick-growing offshoots of culture's tree.

    - Wade

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