Re: What/who selects memes?

Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 13:27:54 BST

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    Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 13:27:54 BST
    Subject: Re: What/who selects memes?
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    >there is an
    >huge amount of real life examples which show that the >brain selects

    No, I dispute this. There's a huge amount of real life examples that show that people do a lot of thinking - but that's not the same thing. The selection of memes is largely due to the environment, just like the selection of genes.

    >Just look a few mails ago, a text on memetics and >terrorism giving
    >advises not to spread certain memes.

    Yes, but that text advises that certain behaviours should be avoided. It doesn't give recommnedations on what to think.

    >How do you know that raw food is potentially dangerous in >certain

    But Stone Age people _didn't know_, that's the whole point. The ones who cooked food had longer and more reproductive lives than the ones who didn't - but they were probably completely oblivious to _why_. In fact, they probably didn't even realise that such a process was happening. Cultural evolution happens independently of minds.

    >Human society is a collection of brains and communication >between
    >them. So culture lives in brains.

    No, human society is a collection of people and the artifacts they leave behind.

    >Not the structure is reproducible but the concluding meme >is.
    >If you say something which i haven't thought of before and >it
    >convinces me my brain structure is surely likely to >change. It won't
    >look like yours but the resulting meme is going to be >saved in both
    >of these structures in whatever way.

    Excatly, the meme isn't in the brain. I'm confused now. you seem to be arguing that the meme is _not_ in the brain whereas above you were arguing that it is stored in the brain.

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