Re: What/Who selects memes?

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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 02:13:36 BST

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    > Where culture comes from may not, also,
    > have changed at all in that time.

    Is it really that important where it came from? I'm more interested
    in what evolutionary purpose it has. I mean every other human feature
    is explained as to have a function which lets the individual survive
    and spread its dna in the end, so why is culture seen different from
    that? Is there any scientific proof that it has or has no
    evolutionary purpose?

    > Are supermodels the ultimate in feminine aesthetic at all?

    There's no ultimate in aesthetics. Aesthetics differ between
    cultures. Fat men are regarded to be sexy in Japan for instance,
    while in our culture there are a lot of fat people who just get more
    and more fat BECAUSE it's culturally considered to be unaesthetic
    while people in Japan don't develop these kind of eating disorders or
    eating addictions.

    > Cultural
    > appreciation of women certainly fluctuates, but I'm not at all sure
    > supermodels are dropping progeny left and right.

    They sure have influence on people. Why do people do diets these
    days and would they have done it in Rubens times?

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