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    > Salice,
    > you ask me where else are memes stored if not in brains?

    I asked where they are stored and processed if not in brains.
    I agree that memes can also be stored in books, paintings etc.
    But when i ask you where memes get processed, where they get
    selected you can't give a different explaination then i do - the
    brain does it.

    > What makes you think
    > that memes _are_ stored in brains?

    Because i remember and use quite a number of memes, as you do and
    everyone else.

    > Memes aren't stored

    This is your view, the meme "Memes aren't stored" is in your head and
    you express it. So you stored and selected this meme.

    Maybe the word "stored" makes us misunderstand eachother, i agree
    that memes are not only stored like on a disk but they are a result
    of a structure in the brain and in the same way a meme can also cause
    a certain structure in the brain. In this way memes are stored
    structurally in the brain.

    That you write the meme "Memes aren't stored" is a
    result of a structure in your head. I mean where else did this meme
    came from? Did you write it or did i receive some metaphysical
    something from somewhere in a different universe which randomly layed
    itself on your mail?

    > that corresponds to any of those sentences? clearly something must
    > be going on in my head, but whatever it is, it certainly isn't storage of sentences.

    It's handling of meme input. If you don't store these sentences
    then it's because your brains meme-handling-mechanism didn't make you

    > fairly brainy animals. But that doesn't mean that culture is a mental
    > phenomenon.

    What else?
    Culture lives in the brain. If you don't agree, say where else.

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