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    > Your basic question then is one of aesthetics, and that is a branch of
    > philosophy that I've always wanted to combine with memetics, and
    > genetics, and microbiology, and then with neurophysiology, and then, who
    > knows, and then, voila, consilience...!

    I'd also be interested in how this connection works, but there don't
    seem to be any convincing theories yet. Or are there?

    The general false assumption in most theories seems to be, that every
    human has the same aesthetics.

    > The strange fact is, there are a lot of universally enjoyed noises and
    > images. Just because you personally don't like Picasso's blue period
    > right now, nevertheless, you might be attracted to the general blueness

    Yes, so i, my brain selects the meme "Blueness". And someone else
    selects the meme "Form in Cubism". So why? What makes different
    people get excited by different memes if memes are independent from
    persons brains?

    It is so obvious that the brain selects memes i can't understand how
    this can be not seen. It is everywhere to be seen. Even in this

    > of this artifact opened for you. (Which is all why I fail to see any good
    > in stifling the availability of knowledge, especially with dogmatic
    > supernatural explanations.)

    Everyone has his own knowledge, even if this knowledge is, that
    no knowledge exists.

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