Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 11:06:01 BST

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    From: salice <>
    > > Memes will dispurse themselves from their biological container and
    > > will live their lives in a memosphere- like environment
    > maybe we already live in a memosphere. i mean if you look at the
    > physical universe, atoms, electrons and so on follow certain rules.
    > like gravity, energy relations. simple rules. this rule is an
    > information. it lies beneath matter. so who made up this rule and
    > created these memes which are the basic rules for our universe?

    Hi Salice,

    The memosphere I got in mind, maybe it is the wrong word, is not made
    due to anyone or due to some rule. It is something completey seperated
    from our senses. What will going on there is pure speculation.
    A Derrida- like universe would exist out of an infinite number of memes.
    I mean, each possible idea, each possible line of thought, all of the pro-
    balitities possible how detailed you can get is than a meme. Even the
    context- lines between them are than seperated memes.

    Such a universe you can 't grasp, it will not show itself on any Pet- scan.
    It will not be detected by any of our senses. It would exist, it can exist,
    but how it would exist can only be part of our thinking.
    The real stuff we will never see....

    > is the universe then to be imagined as a big brain with a simple meme
    > controlling it's basic behavior? or is it just that the universe
    > works the way we think, the way that memes tell us.
    > so is the possibility there that actually we created the universe in
    > our head?

    << Personally I think you got more chance with your second option,
    that the universe as we know it, is a creation of our memes.
    That would be logical if we assume that memes will propagate them-
    selves along all lines of thought possible. If the thinking of how our
    universe is created is the best way for that propagation, our memes will
    comply and will create lines of thought in that direction.

    Of course, such lines end up in what is know as solipsism, that the
    world outside is your world. That is, what you see out there is a re-
    creation of what memes want you to see.
    See for an article about this stuff the archives, search for
    A Solipsistic View On Memetics.
    If you don 't find it, I am willing to send it to you.



    ( I am ,because we are) plausible entities

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