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    Chomsky, Deterring Democracy, 1992, South End Press, Chapter 6: Nefarious

    On August 12, 1990, Iraq offered to withdraw from Kuwait if Syria would
    withdraw from Lebanon and Israel gave up the Occupied Territories. On the
    19th, Iraq suggested that disputes between Arab states should be decided
    among Arabs themselves, in the absence of outside intervention. This is
    akin to the US view that disputes in the Americas should be handled
    exclusively by American nations. On December 4, Iraq offered to withdraw on
    the sole condition that Kuwait discuss the status of a couple of islands in
    the Gulf. This offer was so reasonable that there was widespread fear that
    war would be averted. Stock prices plummeted. But the US stuck to its
    insistence on unconditional surrender, and the "nightmare scenario" of a
    negotiated resolution never came to pass.

    > Interesting. Do you have a source for this? Thanks.
    > >Yet Hussein
    > > was perfectly willing to relinquish Kuwait through negotiations. No
    > > military buildup was necessary.

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