Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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    Subject: Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves
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    > Memes will dispurse themselves from their biological container and
    > will live their lives in a memosphere- like environment

    maybe we already live in a memosphere. i mean if you look at the
    physical universe, atoms, electrons and so on follow certain rules.
    like gravity, energy relations. simple rules. this rule is an
    information. it lies beneath matter. so who made up this rule and
    created these memes which are the basic rules for our universe?

    is the universe then to be imagined as a big brain with a simple meme
    controlling it's basic behavior? or is it just that the universe
    works the way we think, the way that memes tell us.
    so is the possibility there that actually we created the universe in
    our head?

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