RE: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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    > fecundity and longevity. This has great implications
    > on the survivability of (malevolent) memes. While memes

    what are malevolent memes? who definies whether a meme is malevolent
    or not? it's just a question of cultural/personal view.

    > harmful to humanity might give the impression to vanish of the face
    > of the earth as their carriers get killed for precisely the
    > reason of carrying those memes, such as happened to people
    > adhering to the nazi/fascism regimes. They can't be eradicated

    nazis didnt carry the meme to kill themselves, they killed jews.
    and not all people who believed in it died. maybe hitler and some of
    his direct followers were killed or committed suicide but all the
    100000s followers in the country just kept on living in the new

    > none-brain media (written paper, films, recorded speeches etc.).
    > In fact, such memes can become `en vogue' again if the environment
    > permits or desires again. For instance, nazi/fascism memes can

    i agree to your theory, that memes can live further on even if the
    people who had it in their minds died. but that doesn't prove that
    these memes were and are not slaves to their dna.

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