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Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 21:10:03 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>
    > Just quickly, we must remember that unlike Christianity or, I think,
    > Judaism, Islam has no concept of blasphemy. In other words disagreement
    > over what the Koran means is actually a central point in Islam, but the
    > different divisions sunni, shiite etc. have, in countries like Iran and
    > Taleban's Afghanistan, disavowed this in favour of their authoritarian
    > interpretations of the Koran.
    > This caused all sorts of problems for British muslims trying to get Salman
    > Rushdie's book 'The Satanic Verses' banned in the 1980s on the grounds
    > it was blasphemous. First, UK blasphemy law only covers christianity, and
    > second Islam has no blasphemy, only apostacy (turning on's back on one's
    > faith) which is not a crime (otherwise all us atheists would be locked

    Hi Vincent,

    Quickly or not, you made a very good point though !
    The fact that a weekday Muslim is so strong determined by his religion,
    at all levels of his life makes it very difficult anyway ' not- to- attack-
    That is, Muslims live their lives according to a religious culture_ anything
    they do or say is related to this. There is, in a sense, no need for a
    as blasphemy_ if anyone attacks something or someone at any level you
    attack Islam, it is a very simple but very effective strategy

    Blasphemy in the Christian sense of the word, I believe, you have some
    ' levels '. You can attack god directly, his rules, some rules etc, no !?
    I don 't know, never asked myself that question !
    The problem is indeed how fractions interpretate Mohammeds writing,
    the Verses of the Sword can be explained in many ways. Each fraction
    holds thus a specific belief and it is very difficult, and I repeat, not-
    attack Islam in this way.
    If you say white, you gonna ran into trouble with Z, say black you gonna
    get troubles with W etc.

    That brings us to the cente problem of Islam, its absolutism.
    In a way they think their Islamitic culture is the one which stands out
    above all others, their proud turned into arrogance. It goes wrong
    when you couple religion onto politics. The fact is that Islam ceased
    to look beyond the bounderies of its culture. Islam locked itself up
    in its own rigide religious culture. There is no civilitationculture, there
    is no householdculture,... depended from religion that is.
    All is due to theirs religious fanatisism.

    Don 't get me wrong here, there are values in Islam which are honoured
    by many Muslims, but cannot be jerked from their religious bias.
    If you don 't see that... if you don 't understand this, than you are blind
    for what is positive in Islam.
    On the other hand, not noticing that will push off the kind half of the
    Muslim world. And that is dangerous.

    And for what happened to Rushdie, that is now the kind of thing that
    the Islamitic world don 't grasp. They don 't know any expression
    ( cultural/ social or in forms of art) whereby Islam is used as its bias,
    there are but, only and than only used in its religious form.
    There is no study ' comparising world religions ' ! There can be no films
    made about the intimite life of Mohammed.
    They don 't have any Nietzsche to say to them that God is dead !!



    ( I am, because we are) Sufi

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