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    Dear Vincent,

    > Just quickly, we must remember that unlike Christianity or, I think,
    > Judaism, Islam has no concept of blasphemy. In other words disagreement
    > over what the Koran means is actually a central point in Islam, but the
    > different divisions sunni, shiite etc. have, in countries like Iran and the
    > Taleban's Afghanistan, disavowed this in favour of their authoritarian
    > interpretations of the Koran.
    > This caused all sorts of problems for British muslims trying to get Salman
    > Rushdie's book 'The Satanic Verses' banned in the 1980s on the grounds that
    > it was blasphemous. First, UK blasphemy law only covers christianity, and
    > second Islam has no blasphemy, only apostacy (turning on's back on one's
    > faith) which is not a crime (otherwise all us atheists would be locked up!).

    Could you please explain further? I was under the impression that
    Rushdie's "death sentence" was because of blasphemy.

    Many thanks,


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