RE: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 12:39:43 BST

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    Hi Salice,

    If I could offer a couple of quick comments.

    >> More over, even characteristics deleterious to survival persist,
    >> depending upon just how destructive they are, how quickly, the
    >> external threat and other factors.

            <but in the end it doesn't survive.>

            The vast majority of all organisms that have ever existed are now
    extinct, and the rest will follow. The point is that cultural
    characteristics that aren't overtly utilitarian (in the evolutionary sense)
    can survive in culture. An obivous example being religious celibacy.

    >> After all, behaviors and ideas will persist in a population
    healthy enough
    >> to stay alive. But not in ones that disappear.

            <my point. if a meme-set would kill it's people it would die too.
    > therefore the meme-set (ideas,behaviors...) makes it's population
    > survive. it serves the dna.>
            No need for the people to survive as long as the doctrine does, e.g.
    suicidal cults, religious/political martyrs etc. etc. Some memes appear to
    drive people to non-adaptive behaviours like celibacy and suicide.


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