Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 11:03:47 BST

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    Subject: Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves
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    From: salice <>
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    Subject: Re: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

    > > We, on this list, agreed upon the fact that they are two kinds,
    > > 1_ the meme in brain, also referred to as the L(ynch) meme, accoding to
    > > Aaron Lynch ( see Thought Contaigon, archives)
    > > 2_ the memes in artifact, also referred to as the G(atherer) meme,
    > > to Derek Gatherer.
    > that's just a different form of storage. if there is an artifact,
    > someone created it. so if some human designed and created an artifact
    > 5000 years ago he still had genes and he just put his memes into this
    > form.
    > or do you think of some nature-made artifact? i could see the point,
    > for example, a lot of artists get inspired by nature. so is a tree a
    > meme? or is it the interpretation the artist did which actually build
    > it?

    Hi Salice,

    I don 't think actually of some nature- made artifact.
    I think more of a piece of art, created rightfully by a genes- holding
    called a human being, but in the sense that the piece of art ( a statue, a
    a book,...) brings out sentiment. Which will be different for anyone of us.
    Thus the memes we extract from it will be different for each of us, despite
    the fact that the one who created it put his or hers memes into it.

    A tree is not a meme, the sentiment, the knowlegde,... we extract from it
    by looking at it, by examining it,... is. And this we can propagate in many
    ways to other brains. In a way you can say that the tree is full of
    memes and only specific visible just for the one who wants to see them.
    A car is a car, but there is a huge difference between Lada and Ferrari,
    in a sentiment- way of speaking....

    Best regards,


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