RE: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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    > DNA does not "allow" anything

    if your parents would have been birds you could spread your wings and
    fly in the sky. go out and try to fly. you probably cant. because
    your parents were humans and so you are. your dna doesn't allow you
    to fly, just like the dna of a microbe doesn't allow the microbe to
    handle memes.

    that's what i meant with dna "allowing" something.
    > DNA is a structure of chemicals. These chemicals can and must do certain
    > things under certain conditions. DNA is not a purposeful thing.

    so if dna is just a structure of chemicals without any influence on
    anything.... who made your legs,arms,eyes,brain,penis then?
    dna? okay, so legs,arms,eyes,brain,penis have no purpose? explain

    > Biologically, memes are embedded (as is any idea) in the neural connections
    > of the brain, and at an entirely different level structurally than that of
    > genes.

    i agree that memes are structurally different than genes, but
    that doesn't forbid them to work in correspondance to genes.

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