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Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 15:49:39 BST

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    Kenneth, many thanks for the following idea from you:

    > We need in a sense, someone to opposite Bin Laden, someone who is
    > willing to let undergo Islam a normal evolution, but and I agree, this can
    > be seen again as a Western point of view, but within the Islamic world
    > more and more voices are heard to change.
    > Maybe we can help in someway, there we are again.....

    This brings a sharp focus to what is needed. Even within Islam, the tension
    is great between trying to recreate the 'perfect' society of Muhammad's
    time, and the need to evolve along with the rest of the world. Bin Laden may
    be a bit more politically oriented than you might be suggesting here, and
    not as much of a true religious 'fundamentalist' as people believe.

    I am greatly interested in your further thoughts on how such help might be
    framed and implemented...


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