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Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 21:06:32 BST

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    > > It wasn't just the Palestinians. What happened two weeks ago was much
    > > the climactic scene of The Wizard of Oz, when the Wicked Witch of the
    > > melts into a pool of water, and her servants rejoice at their sudden and
    > > previously unthinkable liberation.
    >Hi Dace,
    >You are quit right here !
    >Not only the Palestinians and the Mexicians rejoiced.
    >Here in Belgium also a few days after the first shock the comments in news-
    >papers and elsewhere changed their tune.
    >Also the people in the street saw this coming and rejoiced, not in the
    >way the few Palestinians did, but anyway.
    >The most common factor for this fact was that the Americans needed a
    >lesson in respectfullness and in modesty. But somehow, Bush and his
    >administration don 't yet grasp it !
    >And that is something what most people I talked with see as the most
    >immediate danger for the future_ that the West will enforce its own view
    >upon the world, once again....
    >Best regards,
    I don't think that anybody rejoicing in the tragedies of Sept 11 deserves
    much if any respect. Will these same people rejoice if the next terrorist
    attack wave is unleashed possibly replete with chemical and biological
    agents? Would this just be another "lesson" we would need to learn while
    others rejoice in our sorrow?

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