Fw: Dawkins was right all along

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 08:58:13 BST

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    From: Kenneth Van Oost <Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be>
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    Subject: Re: Dawkins was right all along

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    > From: Wade T.Smith <wade_smith@harvard.edu>
    > > Hi Bill Spight -
    > > >Anyway, learning is not necessary. :-)
    > > Non sequitur. A belief is a learned behavior, especially when taking
    > > definition into play. It's only when one speaks the truth that
    > > remembering is unnecessary, to paraphrase S. Clemens.
    > > To speak to the doubters of atheism (or science) from infancy, a child
    > > will examine to a cause, if it can, not create a fairy tale.
    > > But, if Grimm (or Qur'an, or Bible, or Mother Goose) is offered....
    > Hi Wade,
    > I am a little bit dazzled here.
    > If a child is learned to have no beliefs, in casu and for example to be an
    > atheist, wouldn 't it than not mean that we have learned this kid a
    > believe!?
    > After all, learning there are no such things as beliefs, religions and
    > would be a " belief " in itself wouldn 't it !?
    > You can 't believe in nothing, if you do... you do believe !!
    > That 's how your mind works !!
    > Best regards,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) still ignorant

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