Fw: Dawkins was right all along

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 08:58:03 BST

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    From: Kenneth Van Oost <Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be>
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    Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2001 11:41 AM
    Subject: Re: Dawkins was right all along

    > Philip wrote, Scott wrote,
    > > > So are you implying that being an atheist makes you superior
    > > > to someone who is religious? Are you free from the possible
    > > > biases inherent in a mindset and its polarizing
    > > > anti-religious extremes?
    > << Hi all,
    > Superior is not the best chosen word here, though !
    > It means, outstanding, authoritative, unappoachable,... that is not what
    > is meant here.
    > Philip, in a way, expresses what I am saying all along, that each of us
    > is trapped, and fixed within all possible biases inherent to any mindset.
    > What we see, hear, experience,... study is getting clouded by the way
    > we live, our genetic and memetic background, what we have studied.
    > In a sense, Bush and his administration is driven to act as they will act,
    > by their own and the American mindsets. Bush is a conservative, reven-
    > ge, getting even, security.... are the holy grail for such people.
    > This is strenghtened by the lack of respect for others and the arrogant
    > attitude of the American administration and politics.
    > If by the way, Bush would have walked one mile in somebody's shoes
    > to understand why people attack the USA he would now know better
    > than to attack an innocent people.
    > I, for one, did not walk one mile in somebody's shoes, but I do understand
    > and I do understand why in other matters like this people think you need
    > the experience, you need to have studied the things you want to talk
    > That is not true, empathy only works in such circumstances when you take
    > place of the scientist at the particular moment of finding, studying,
    > riencing,.... something. That is something you can 't do. Empathy only
    > from out your experience, you don 't have to walk one mile in somebody's
    > shoes to understand what we study or what she/ he believes in.
    > What we experience is empathy, and in a sense that is just alike what the
    > hardliners of any religion feels and experiences.
    > Any hardliner can 't grasp the real motives of any god or of any rule. He/
    > she too does this from out his/ hers own experience which is than linked
    > to his/ hers genetic, social, memetical, psychological,... background.
    > All is circumstancial, taking the place of any scientist, feeling,
    > experiencing,
    > ...taking the place of any god, thinking like he did/ does....is placing
    > your-
    > self above the scientist or the god. You can come that close to any felt
    > experience of anyone and everyone ( like now, we can ' feel ' the pain of
    > the New Yorkers or of any American), but can 't grasp the " real " sense
    > of it all.
    > And even you have any experience at first hand, what you really will
    > experience, see, even hear and feel,... will than already be twisted by
    > how your mind works.
    > A really " true " picture of what is out there you can 't have.
    > Best regards,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) acting under noone's control

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