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Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 10:54:20 BST

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    Subject: RE: Belief & Behavior

    > But the purpose of religion is not to explain reality. The purpose of
    > religion is to create a desired future.

    Hi Richard,

    Fair enough !!
    But the creation of such a future is biased upon " a no- argument-, no-
    reflection " process, with no accuracy about the very bias of such a
    concept, and therefor IMO, completely misleading and in its contents
    absolute and therefor not desirable. Except for those who were caught
    in the middle, those who are susceptible for such nonsens and for those
    who run this show and charade.

    But, in a way that goes for science too.
    Science like Wade said, is / can act as the unbiaser and is indeed
    necassary for reflective reflection, but that can go as far there are no
    external/ internal misleading inputs.
    Science can only work upon the bias of proof. Speculation about what
    might have been or will be is such a misleading input.
    It has its purpose, but if it is used to create a desired future, then it is
    misleading and has no place in science.

    Hope this is clear,



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