RE: Time to lower the boom (was: Dawkins View)

From: Lawrence DeBivort (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 04:54:35 BST

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    Yes, well said, Richard. And I like the quote. Bush though hurt this effort
    immensely when he referred to his endeavors as a "crusade". Wiser and more
    knowledgeable people (e.g. Powell) got that stopped pretty quickly but the
    damage had been done. The term implies that Christians and Muslims are at
    war -- precisely the opposite of the notion of what is needed for the

    Bin Laden two days ago wrote an open letter to the Pakistani people, and
    managed in it to refer four seperate times to Bush's 'crusade'. It will take
    some doing to undo this damage. A good example of an unfortunate meme at
    work, launched inadvertantly but launched nonetheless.


    > A good point. That is why Bush is working so hard to get worldwide
    > consensus, ESPECIALLY from the Islam people, that terrorism is not a valid
    > part of Islam. "You have hijacked Islam"--- great quote.
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    > Tim Rhodes
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    > Subject: Re: Time to lower the boom (was: Dawkins View)
    > Richard wrote:
    > <<<We know quite a bit about this cult and we're learning more
    > hourly. This
    > is about stopping our enemies from killing us. The best way to do
    > that is to
    > destroy them utterly.>>>
    > Ever consider that killing bin Laden might turn out to be just as
    > effective
    > as the killing of Jesus was at destroying /his/ cult?
    > Doing the devil's work-
    > -Tim
    > (footnote: No, I this isn't to say I beilive in Jesus -- get over it.)
    > see:

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