RE: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 21:45:46 BST

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    On 09/25/01 15:54, Richard Brodie said this-

    >Thank you. I now think I understand your belief system for the first time.
    >If I get you, you believe an unbiased mind, given no external misleading
    >input from other minds, MUST develop a worldview that is a 100% accurate
    >reflection of reality.

    Well, that would seem more than valid were there only one mind involved,
    yes? But there are myriad.

    I do see science as the unbiaser, and necessary for reflective
    reflection, and not just a perspectively-marred and lens-distorted

    Call it the Tarzan syndrome. Call it noble savageness.

    Call it solipsistic. Call it romantic. But, yes, I do see freedom from
    bias as necessary to science, and science as necessary to accuracy, and,
    yes, understanding how accuracy is arrived at is an experimental process
    which only science can undertake.

    And science mixed with emotion is only true when it is art.

    And art is the cultural science.

    - Wade

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