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    Windows on a House

    Inside a house sits the object of our curiosity, something both intimately
    familiar and alien. We are outside looking through the windows at the
    object, but we can't get inside to apprehend it directly. We wander around
    the house looking through different windows trying to understand just what it
    is. Sometimes there are bushes in the way that must be dealt with before we
    can even look through a particular window. Sometimes we require a ladder to
    see in. Other times we must get on hands and knees. We use our binoculars,
    but they cause certain kinds of distortion. We shine different lights
    through the window, but each light we shine casts shadows that obscure some
    detail or is in a spectrum that doesn't reflect all. Only by carefully
    comparing the views from different windows do we begin to understand the
    nature of the object. Even then, we argue over what we have seen. --TJ Olney
    June 9, 2001

    -- TJ Olney  Not all those who wander are lost.

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