Evolution on PBS

From: Derek Gatherer (gatherer@biotech.ufl.org)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 13:27:31 BST

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    Subject: Evolution on PBS
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    Did anybody see the end of "Evolution" on PBS last night?
    I'm not sure if it was nationally broadcast, but I believe local
    PBS stations are reasonably synchronised (???)
    It started at 8pm Eastern time, but I had to go at 9.30pm, so I
    only got as far as Darwin getting ready to publish O of S. It was
    amusing to see Dan Dennett and Steve Gould agreeing with each other -
    although not of course on screen together - and I was wondering:
    a) if it got more controversial towards the end?
    b) if memes were mentioned
    c) when exactly did it end? (I'm used to getting my BBC2 and Channel 4
    science programmes in hour-long episodes, so I'm still finding the PBS
    marathons hard to survive - I watched the life of Abraham Lincoln a few
    months ago and managed to get to the middle of the fifth hour; the civil
    war still hadn't been won, and I was beginning tp feel like I had lived
    Lincoln's life, not just seen a documentary about it on television)
    d) Also, has this series made it to Channel 4 in the UK yet?


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