Re: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 10:35:23 BST

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    On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 02:49:35PM -0400, Wade T.Smith wrote:
    > On 09/24/01 13:36, Robin Faichney said this-
    > >Does that mean you retract all your other statements?
    > Well, no. I could stumble amidst the definitional morass some more, but I
    > won't.
    > As for religions denying childhood, I absolutely stand by that. Just
    > supplying an answer like 'god did it' is denying a child his natural
    > curiosity.

    Definitional morass, indeed. If that's your definition of "denying
    childhood", then that's one morass I'll gladly avoid.

    > Like I said, only atheists (like unto little children) go to heaven.

    Heaven is a metaphor. What it stands for is the ideal state of mind,
    in *this* life. And that's a mind entirely undominated by memes.
    Which, in turn, is a mind with no beliefs, even belief in atheism.
    Those who believe in atheism, like those who believe in anything else,
    are eternally excluded. All crutches turn eventually into anchors.
    Letting go is the only universal solution.

    Robin Faichney
    "One person's mess is another's complexity"
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