Re: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 18:55:56 BST

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    > There could be an innate or heritable underbelly to the generation of
    > religious belief, whether adaptive or non-adaptive. OTOH, there might
    > not be
    > such an innate bias. I guess it depends on whether there's a "God
    > module" or
    > not.

    Hi Scott,

    Interesting of you bringing that up. It seems that there is
    such a thing of, what you refer to as a, `God module'. I guess
    it corresponds to an area in the pre-frontal cortex. I posted
    a mail ages ago, called: `This is your brain on God' which
    was about some Canadian scientist who invented a brain-machine
    that could arouse religious/spiritual experiences, depending
    on the subject's religous commitment of course.
    Given the fact that the ability to become religious is
    innate, one may ask:
    What are the evolutionary forces that drove the development
    of such a mental module?
    A clue that springs to mind is that religious communities may
    have had a survival benefit over not so religious communities
    through ensuring social coherence within the group.
    An evolutionary pressure may then have favored the more religious
    type of brain...

    Also religous thinking affects just about everybody, including
    atheist. Think of the universally applied language, terms
    such as spirituality, eternity, soul, purpose/ goal of life
    hold sway everywhere. Even evolutionary psychologists are
    for spreading the `gospel' of their scientific
    beliefs in such a fanatical religious kind of way.


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