Re: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 13:47:59 BST

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    On 09/24/01 06:01, Robin Faichney said this-

    >> Ah, but who listens to him anymore...?
    >This reply is a deliberate attempt to avoid answering the question,
    >and therefore intellectually dishonest.

    Alas, my brevity is often read by you as intellectual dishonesty. I've
    encountered it before, and it continues.

    But, who does listen to christ anymore? You've failed to answer that

    Does the catholic church listen to christ?

    Does the church of england listen to christ?

    Do the school systems, that teach our children?

    Does the judge at your murder trial?

    Does the sunday school parson, reading the gospel to his charges?

    Is there intellectual honesty in any of the faiths built up around christ?

    Are all the buddhist faiths intellectually honest about buddha?

    And, who listens to him anymore?

    - Wade

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