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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 13:41:53 BST

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    On 09/23/01 18:21, Richard Brodie said this-

    >I'm confused
    >by your calling a belief a behavior. Isn't a belief something you believe
    >and a behavior something you do?

    If, in response to a real world situation, like a ladder falling on an
    infant causing it's death, you say, 'it's god's will'- that is a learned
    response behavior, explaining the event. The need to have such a response
    at the ready, rather than a response to discover the real cause and
    possibly prevent such an occurance in the future, is holding a belief.

    I'm more saying that the holding of such a belief is a behavior, because
    it prevents further study of the facts of the event.

    Beliefs need to be held, because they are false (in that skeptic's
    definition of false- without evidence, again, using the definition of
    belief as a contention without facts). Holding something that is false is
    a behavior.

    I think....

    - Wade

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