Re: Time to lower the boom (was: Dawkins View)

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 21:08:54 BST

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    Subject: Re: Time to lower the boom (was: Dawkins View)
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    Subject: RE: Time to lower the boom (was: Dawkins View)

    > Past Septembers have seen 'memorable' black days in the Arab and Muslim
    > worlds, including, IIRC, the attacks on the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.
    > wonder if on the anniversary of those events there might be some new
    > terrorist acts?
    > To clarify, by 'pointless' I do not mean that we won't be the targets of
    > terrorist acts again, but that the security measures now being taken won't
    > stop them, if they are undertaken. By 'extravagant' I mean that the
    > are taking a big toll on people (airports, airport 'security', roads,
    > businesses in 'vulnerable' locations, etc.) and making it harder for
    > psychologically to settle back into normal lives--without a real pay-off
    > deterrence of terrorist activity. A friend who manages a mid-size airport
    > told me that they, along with all other airports, are engaging in all
    > of FAA-mandated security measures, even though they all know it is a sham
    > and does not improve real security against real threats. He singled out
    > questioning and searching of passengers in this regard.

    Hi Lawrence,

    Terrorist activity will continue even after the improved security measures.
    Terrorists, and they already has been patient, will wait until everybody
    is off gard again. They are not stupid.
    One of the suspects, in jail right now in Belgium, was a professional
    football ( soccer) player, applauded every week by thousands of his
    " enemies ". Those guys lives ordinary lives, no fuss.
    They could be everybody's neighbour....



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