Re: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 20:48:44 BST

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    From: Richard Brodie <>
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    Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2001 10:31 PM
    Subject: RE: Dawkins was right all along

    > This is like quoting the Bible to explain the actions of David Koresh.

    Hi Richard,

    What were those actions done by David Koresh !?
    Oh, yeah, he and his gang shoot a few policeman in order to defense
    themselves against, once again the tyranny of a governmental lust for power.
    Day in and day out, at night helicopters were flying over the settlement,
    no one get a good night sleep,.... psychological warfare was used to wipe
    out Koresh and his gang.

    And what happened !? They all committed suicide, they set their home
    alite and died.
    Koresh was another scape- goat cock- up.
    And what was the result of just an injustice !?
    Nothing !!! 88 people died.
    And what really p... me off, is that everyone believes that Koresh and his
    friends were trying to disstabilize the US !
    And the same thing has Bin Laden supposingly done.....



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