state of memes

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Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 11:55:44 BST

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    it seems that, following September 11th, the planet is
    heading towards a type of "singularity" of
    change/mutation regarding almost every significant
    meme. from political "leaders" to the celebrity
    community, you hear everyone saying that they know
    next to nothing about what's going to happen next or
    how the world will look, but they are certain that
    things will "never be the same."

    when was there such unanimity -- around the world and
    by so many different cultures -- in the expectation of
    massive change and chaos, brought about by an earnest
    and somewhat desperate self-reevaluation of every
    institution with any stake in global culture?

    some memes that seem the ripest for memetic mutation:
    religion (monotheism)
    future generations

    what do people think of the wider prospects for this
    sort of period of punctuated evolution, and what
    directions things might head (i tend to think world
    peace/one-world government, persuasion/force, etc.)?

    who's been lurking in, and enjoying, the list for
    several days now

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