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Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 16:32:21 BST

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    Hi Philip Jonkers -

    >BTW, I share the opinion that religion is like a virus
    >of the mind; I was infected myself virtually from birth
    >but had the fortunate de-brainwashing capacity to rid myself
    >of it in the recent years.

    "Beliefs, including religious ones, are learned. Which makes atheism a
    normal state of affairs and religious beliefs a learned "abnormality". No
    psychological theory is necessary to explain the causes of a normal base
    state. Any psychological theory of learning, attitude change or
    socialization can explain the causes of religious belief."
           - Rosemary Lyndall, clinical neuro-psychologist

    The fact that all children are atheists is an often overlooked one. And
    saying so can get you killed in some places.

    But atheists do not remain children, even if they never 'grow up'.

    Growing up often means not growing more.

    And cultured plants are often seedless.

    And denying childhood is a common religious tactic.

    - Wade

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