RE: Dawkins was right all along

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Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 15:33:40 BST

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    > >This is like quoting the Bible to explain the actions of David
    > Koresh.

    > Don't see that at all.
    > This is the text they are being told. The only text many of them are
    > ever
    > told. Equating Koresh and the leaders of these cults, yes, I do see
    > that.

    Koresh and his cult supposedly lived by the bible,
    it then certainly helps to understand their actions by using
    the bible as an explanatory means. I should add
    that the bible can be interpreted in a multiple number of
    ways as it's nothing more than a large collection of metaphores
    on ethics and fairy-tale storytelling.
    It is therefore tantamount also to extract what kind of
    (twisted) interpretation Koresh maintained that inspired and
    spurred the actions taken by him and his cult.

    I guess the same argument applies perfectly well to Bin Laden
    as well, and any other terrorist with religious motives
    for that matter. Also remember the racist outbursts of
    White Supremacy movements or adherents, thus killing innocent
    people in the name of christ...


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