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Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 13:04:13 BST

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    > Over here we have "FoxNews" which I used to like at first, but it has become
    > a highly right wing slanted network IMO. If anybody has seen that early
    > morning "memefest" called "Fox and Friends" they might concur. Anybody into
    > media studies should take a close look at that show and the subtle (or not
    > so subtle?) spin.

    You can't move for Rupert bloody Murdoch. Sky News (his effort in the
    UK) is sensationalist, under-researched shite. The other day (pre all
    this) they said that the American 'Anti-Terrorist Force' had been
    involved in some internal security issue (militia-related I think). The
    ATF is the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fireamrms FFS. Idiots. We get a
    feed from Fox News each day for a bit too, and that looks like it's
    descending into the same vein (although he's had less time to fk them

    Thank a randomly selected god for the BBC. C-SPAN is ok too (although I
    think they wallow in their own worthiness just a little). I wish I could
    find the time to read more of the world media though. BBC radio is good
    (you can get 4 and 5 over the web...). CNN is usually good too, the
    contrast between CNN USA and CNN World is clear at the moment though.

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