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    >The promise made to potential suicide bombers by religious
    >authorities were: Not only the successful bomber goes straight
    >to paradise/heaven but his entire family and friends can cosily
    >come along!

    Several paragraphs of the Qur'an deal with the paradise. Mentioned are
    bounteous foods, endless music, beautiful appointments, and, verily,
    virgins and servants. Men only, basically, but, yeah, families can come
    along if they are followers and faithful.

    These are some of the sections, in three different translations from the
    arabic, which I don't read or know, and, additionally, there are Qur'an
    scholars who view the descriptions of paradise as apocryphal.

    - Wade



    YUSUFALI: And those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith,-
    to them shall We join their families: Nor shall We deprive them (of the
    fruit) of aught of their works: (Yet) is each individual in pledge for
    his deeds.
    PICKTHAL: And they who believe and whose seed follow them in faith, We
    cause their seed to join them (there), and We deprive them of nought of
    their (life's) work. Every man is a pledge for that which he hath earned.
    SHAKIR: And (as for) those who believe and their offspring follow them in
    faith, We will unite with them their offspring and We will not diminish
    to them aught of their work; every man is responsible for what he shall
    have wrought.

    YUSUFALI: In them will be (Maidens), chaste, restraining their glances,
    whom no man or Jinn before them has touched;-
    PICKTHAL: Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man nor jinni
    will have touched before them.
    SHAKIR: In them shall be those who restrained their eyes; before them
    neither man nor jinni shall have touched them.

    YUSUFALI: They will recline (with ease) on Thrones (of dignity) arranged
    in ranks; and We shall join them to Companions, with beautiful big and
    lustrous eyes.
    PICKTHAL: Reclining on ranged couches. And we wed them unto fair ones
    with wide, lovely eyes.
    SHAKIR: Reclining on thrones set in lines, and We will unite them to
    large-eyed beautiful ones.

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