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Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 20:10:04 BST

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      Hi everyone,

      This was send to me from a friend in South- Africa, who got this original
      from a friend in the US.

      A senior Diplomat in Madrid who insists on remaining anonymous
      has told intelligence sources that during his recent visit to Europe,
      President George W. Bush told Prime Minister Asnar that the
      United States government was in possession of information that
      a massive terrorist attack, comparable to a declaration war,
      would be launched against targets in the United States. He
      asked Spain and several other NATO allies if they would
      support the United States in a war against terrorism and host
      countries if that were to happen. The diplomat states that
      Spain and a number of other EU nations reluctantly agreed
      to take part in any military action if such an attack occurred,
      and it could be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it had
      been planned and originated outside the U.S. Source.">SENIOR

      If this is true, than three possibilites can be accounted for,

      1_ Bush did know this in advance and he was too late to do anything about it.
      In this case his tears and outrage were legitimate.
      2_ He did know this and did nothing in order to can do what he is doing
      now ( a hidden political agenda). In this case he must be shot !
      3_ He did know this, did nothing because he was so convinced they
      wouldn 't dare ! In this case I wouldn 't be surprised.

      If Asnar an several other NATO allies were in possession of such information
      and they did nothing, they are even guilty. If so, I would be ashamed to call
      myself a democratic moved European.

      Best regards,


      ( I am, because we are) mislead !?

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