RE: Dawkins was right all along

From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 17:20:22 BST

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    Quoting Richard Brodie <>:

    > Oh, you saw it on TV. Gotta be true then. I take it all back.

    Yes well, I'll strip away the sarcasm in your comment
    and be so kind to substitute it for healthy and
    justifiable skepticism.

    Let me assure you that the policy of the Dutch TV station that
    broadcasted the show is oriented towards actual facts
    and not sensation. I should stress that we Dutch people are
    rather sober and unbiased, this probably has some roots in our
    lousy weather and our country being surrounded by large
    world-powers (Germany, France and the UK).
    This humble attitude is kinda reflected in the
    way we make television.
    I can understand your American-based skepticism as American
    stations show a fair inclination to prefer cranked
    up sensation over `boring' and unbiased factual accounts.

    Why don't we just wait and see; time will tell who is
    right: you or Dawkins.


    (I am... because I'm a messenger boy)


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