Dawkins was right all along

From: Philip Jonkers (P.A.E.Jonkers@phys.rug.nl)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 11:33:10 BST

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    Subject: Dawkins was right all along
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    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I saw this documentary on Dutch television
    which was about the motives that propelled suicide commando's
    to sacrifice their lives. The documentary featured interviews
    with some `lucky' survivors of a failed suicide mission.

    As Dawkins anticipated in the here much discussed article
    it was all about religion indeed.
    The promise made to potential suicide bombers by religious
    authorities were: Not only the successful bomber goes straight
    to paradise/heaven but his entire family and friends can cosily
    come along! Also the ideal age of the ideally single
    terrorists is between 18 and 24. Needless to say, this
    `attractive' promise was not taken lightly by potential
    candidates/martyrs; males in the mentioned age category actually
    lined up (!!) to surrender their lives by becoming living bombs
    and thus acquiring a place in paradise for themselves and their
    relatives and fiends. It is very alarming to know that the
    people rounding up suicide commando's actually had to invoke
    selection procedures to filter out the most able candidates!

    Ain't that sweet a heaven filling itself up with suicide bombers!


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