spooks & proxies

From: laurie@green.net.au
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 01:55:53 BST

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    would you belive that someone somewhere would notice this
    a retrospective coincidence? [it was forwarded 2me from a list w'
    mideast balance]
    i only mention this fact because the 'meme/symbol' was present before
    the event
    now being recast in the context of 1109, with an authentic root that
    existed before the event.

    was it 'meme able' before the event or only after the event and someone
    had seen/noticed the 'linkage/significence'?

    > Did you know that a flight number from one of the
    planes that hit one of the two towers was Q33NY.
    > In MS Word, type in that flight number, Q33NY.
    > Enlarge the font size to 26
    > Change the font to Wingdings 1
    > See the picture you get !!!!

    any memesters interested in how this [may] be working?

    laurie green.

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