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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 17:43:46 BST

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    Richard Brodie wrote:
    > Vincent, you seem to feel a compulsion to reply to every single message sent
    > to this list, yet I don't think your opinions are well supported or shared
    > my many others.

    1) Vincent *is* fairly mainstream for the list, and I for one
    apppreciate his readiness to join in. If this list is a bit high volume
    for you I suggest you put some filters on (and stop spamming yourself).
    2) We try to avoid personal attacks here (btw don't you think it's
    ironic to make an unsupported attack on someone for alledgedly making
    unsupported claims?).

    My advice is stick to the issues and drop the ad hominems.

    > The Muslim world does not support the actions of these terrorists. This is
    > an organized evil funded by wealth. The organization must be destroyed.

    Of course the 'muslim world' doesn't support any one thing. And btw how
    exactly does one *destroy* such an organisation without breeding a
    shitload more of the bastards?

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