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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 17:29:39 BST

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    Quoting Richard Brodie <>:

    > Philip:
    > <<Call me stupid but whose relatives were saved
    > when the passengers of UA93 heroically comitted suicide.
    > For the life of me I can't imagine that the relatedness
    > between passengers who bravely seized control
    > and members of the White House is substantially non-vanishing.
    > Surely some different mechanism must have propelled the
    > passengers to attempt to take over control from the hijackers.
    > Since Americans are so fond of their country (no offense),
    > I'd advance Patriotism, as opposed to saving kin,
    > as plausible memetic driving force.>>
    > Read my other message again. You totally missed it.

    Do you mean `pushing the psychological button' of kin-relatedness?
    That is, hijackers saving their kin in homeland by self-sacrifice.
    And passengers of UA93 seizing control and sactificing their
    lifes in order to save their kin ostensiby? But isn't the latter
    use of the psychological kin-buttom synonymous to patriotism,
    for all practical purposes?

    Or am I way away off-track now?


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