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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 13:21:59 BST

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    > Can one generalize that religious moderates (or mainstreamers) are automated
    > apologists for actions of extremists? Are moderate Christians flocking to
    > support the recent comments made by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson? Are
    > moderate Christians flocking to support the actions of the pro-life
    > terrorists (who may make up a small proportion of the pro-life movement
    > itself). Are mainstream pro-lifers (or anti-choicers) generally in support
    > of violence against abortion clinics? Are mainstream Muslims in general
    > support of the extremists? Are they flocking to be apologists for the recent
    > tragedies?

    I think this is similar to the situation where I can slag my brother
    (mother etc.) off for all sorts of things, but if anyone else slagged
    him off I'd almost certainly leap to his defence...

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