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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 10:04:12 BST

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    > <<I second Dawkins still when he argues that religion is
    > mainly to blame for last tuesday's disaster. In fact, religion
    > is the source of most of the misery, suffering and
    > injustice plagueing this tiny but turbulent planet.>>
            <I don't think many scholars of religion would agree. Why not?>

            Because they're are in memebotic thrall to their own faiths and deny
    and obfuscate the horrors committed in the name of their religions. Scott
    made the point in relation to Dawkins' piece that not all muslims are
    suicide bombers, not all christians are anti-abortion and so on. He also
    put not all atheists are militants. The difference is that even militant
    atheists do not go around suggesting bombing, torturing or persecuting true
    believers, whereas militant true believers usually do, and moderates become
    apologists for those peoples' acts.

    > <<I agree, terrorism must seize. But given the never ending
    > bully-like suppresion by whatever superpower
    > (in the past Russia: Afghanistan, US: Vietman)
    > one can ask whether that goal is attainable simply by
    > vicious spirals of endless violent retaliation.>>
            <I haven't heard anyone coming out in favor of vicious spirals of
    > violent retaliation. What do you want to do, leave them alone to take over
    > the whole Middle East and build a nuclear arsenal?>
            The irony here is that for many in the developing world the biggest
    threat to their chances of survival already has the biggest nuclear arsenal
    of all, is the only nation to have actually used nculear weapons, and is
    busy planning a defence shield to protect it from anyone elses' missiles.
    Besides Pakistan, being pushed to possible civil war by US demands, is
    already a nuclear nation, and already is in a very heated border dispute
    with another nuclear nation, India.

            Don't forget the 10s of thousands lost in Afghanistan by the British
    in the 1840s (when Britain was equivalent to the US now, in terms of world
    status), and the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

            Of course something must be done. But it must be measured, it must
    be justified, and it must take into consideration the global consequences of
    any actions. I know most Americans wouldn't go for it, but I think the way
    to take the wind out of the jihad's sails is to capture this guy and try him
    in the Hague like Milosevic. It's easy to fight a holy war against people
    who'll give you your martyrs, but not those that simply give you justice.


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