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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 23:51:23 BST

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    >From: Chris Taylor <>
    >Subject: Re: US Tragedy
    >Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:48:55 +0100
    > > I wouldn't want to get into a relative loss of life debate in
    > > We all know the Russians would win that hands down. There is a
    > > though between the loss of life amongst armed forces and civilians, say
    > > between Arnhem and the Blitz, the Dresden bombings, or the bombings in
    > > Japan.
    >I heard that Churchill actually OKed the terror bombing to goad Hitler
    >into doing the same, thereby cutting German bombing of our military
    >targets, allowing us to win the Battle of Britain (amongst other
    >BTW anyone hear about the short selling (millions of dollars worth of
    >stocks) on the day before the atrocity? And about how these people
    >weren't the most devout fanatics out there (drinking etc. - could be
    >inaccurate though). And factoring in the CIA background of Bin Lid
    >here's my conspiracy theory...
    >OK. Bin Lid (or whatever corporate [small c] body he represents) stages
    >this to (a) make money for the organisation, (b) gain mega kudos amongst
    >his middle eastern audience, elevating him above other regional
    >authorities. Outcomes: *someone* (...) has a single known guy with power
    >throughout the arab world to deal with (control?); Bin Lid gets some
    >fame (how many now know that guy's name - hardly the religious super
    >ascetic). The only question left is how he got those people to do that,
    >but I just don't buy the fanatic stuff anymore.
    I just started Richard Labeviere's _Dollars for Terror_. I'm not sure how to
    evaluate whatver info is in the book, but the ties between bin Laden and the
    CIA are chilling in retrospect. Probably sounded good at the time in the
    context of fighting the "evil empire" and its entry into Afghanistan.
    Anybody remember Stallone's movie _Rambo III_? That may have been a good
    barometer of our sentiments back then.

    In a similar vein, I recall routing for Iraq as a kid towards the beginning
    of their horrible war against Iran, memories of our protracted hostage
    crisis still fresh. Then it turned too ugly for me. How much weaponry did
    the US and allies give to Iraq? I faintly recall a Mirage jet and Exocet.

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