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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 21:12:28 BST

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    From: Scott Chase <>
    > It was the "infantile" and "childish" quips which irked me. My kneejerk
    > reaction would have been to ask how many American "infants" died in the
    > European theatre during WWII, not that the US acted alone, which it most
    > definitely didn't.

    << Childish was the word I used, not infantile, what does mean quite
    something else !!
    And not one American infant died in WWII, they were all true and true
    man !!
    Childish refers only to specific American behavior characteristics.
    No European sitting next to you in an airliner would address himself
    to you, saying Hi, I am Bill from Texas, spontaneous that is.
    Europeans are more modest, quiet, they will say there name if they
    were asked to.



    ( I am, because we are)

    > Yes Britain has had more than its fair share of terrorism to deal with and
    > y'all might be hardened by this. Fingers may be pointed at the US about
    > our foreign policy decisions may have played a major role in the
    > of terrorism, whether our friendship with Israel or our dealings with
    > rebels. The UK may see parallels in how they've dealt with the "Irish
    > problem" and "the Troubles".
    > The actions of the IRA militants are deplorable, but some of them Ulster
    > protestant chaps ain't so great either (what's his name...Paisley?). Are
    > hardcore Unionists/Loyalists/Orangemen/UVF much better than the
    > republicans? I recall some recent news about attacks on Catholic
    > schoolchildren which makes me ill, something not quite as noticeable over
    > here in the states. All we usually hear about are the IRA, not realizing
    > their antipodes.

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