Re: Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another CIA creature

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 20:54:24 BST

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    From: Chris Taylor <>
    Actually I think that be they called 'martyrs' or whatever, they are
    after their fifteen minutes of fame and a seat in heaven. That's selfish
    behaviour in the extreme, and a predictable response from kids without
    prospects I suppose. Not very noble though. What actually astonishes me
    about this whole thing is how they could've stayed dedicated over
    several years - most suicide bombers seem to go straight from the cleric
    to the crime with no chance for second thoughts, and cults never let you
    out of the compound for fear of the programming wearing off - these
    'folks' (come back Bill fgs) kept going over years, in Europe and the
    US. Exposed to, and resisting, the best temptations us decadent WASPs
    could offer.

    Hi Chris,

    In one of my recent posts about the US tragedy I already mentioned my
    astonishment about this fact too. My first thought was that those people
    were " memetic fixed ", brainwashed in the exteme, but like you said,
    cults never let their members out of the beehive for fear of the program-
    ming wearing off.
    So what can be the explanation for this fact !?

    My first point of reference was the suicide, suicide bombers are a
    rare breed in the general picture of suicide.
    Those people could be linked to the category, like motorists driving
    into oncoming traffic, but this a extreme case of suicide bombing.
    In fact there were several at one specific moment in time.
    So could it be that we have here a ' collective suicide pact ' !?
    Collective like in the Jones- sekt or at Waco !?

    If that is the case than we must look for psychological groupmechanisms
    and or for spiritual movements.
    To which points can we speak of a spiritual movement !?
    1_ reason to submit
    2_ a leader
    3_ belief in a teaching
    4_ redemption
    5_ belief in a prophecy
    6_ belief in the intellect

    Those six are the most important of the 11 on my list.
    Can we link those six to what happened or to the person of Bin Laden !?
    I think so.
    So we can say that the attacks were conducted by a spiritual move-
    ment !?
    And we can also say that psychological groupmechanisms were playing
    important roles.

    IMO, the attacks were done by one single group, which is not totally
    dead, other members of the movement are still lurking in the dark.
    The attacks were directed towards the USA, the mechanism behind
    the attacks is the same as behind any spiritual movement or sekt.
    The groupmechanism is the collective suicide, the spiritual movement
    is a fundamentalistic religious sekt

    And for the CIA/ FBI sake, if they now suspect more than 150 people
    of being a member or has been participated somehow in the attacks, how
    can you keep such an operation in the dark !?
    By admitting there is a point seven, namely, the fear of expulsion, death,
    end of friendships, no seat in heaven, ...
    If this all is true, allow me to salute the psychological master behind
    the movement, this is really something to accomplish !!

    IMO, the one or the ones behind this, had to have access to kids- brains
    from a very young age, manipulating them ( in a way teaching them
    nothing else than this shit), memetic engineering them and when the time
    is ripe, .......
    Amazing stuff, from a psychological point of view, that is.

    A book to read about this kind of stuff, Margeret Singer, Cults in our
    Midst ( 1995).

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) impressed

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