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From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 16:36:46 BST

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    Not Dawkins's best work. His fervent anti-religionism is coloring his point
    of view. Certainly belief in a paradisiacal afterlife is not necessary for
    suicide commandos. Animals have a built-in mechanism to sacrifice themselves
    for the good of their kin. All that is necessary is to co-opt that. Even the
    heroic passengers on UA93, who overpowered the hijackers and apparently
    crashed the plane, were driven by that mechanism.

    > It's just that the US does not seem to pay much attention
    > to the 64,000 dollar question: `WHY?'.

    I assure you the Government is well aware of how America's actions are
    perceived by various factions in the Middle East. But remember, these
    barbarians have attacked many other countries. There are some forces that it
    just doesn't make sense to appease. They must be destroyed.

    Richard Brodie

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