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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 16:14:32 BST

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    It seems that Dawkins view and my own show great overlap.
    Religious promises (memes) of a blissful after-life is
    powerful in its persuasivesness to people who are
    brainwashed by religion ever from early upbringing and
    have a tradition of disrespect for human life (especially
    women, again sorry to say).

    I think Dawkins is right in his main argument, although
    the real identity of the perpetrators might turn out
    to be different from the not very complimenting profile
    he suggests in his article.
    To qualify as a suicide commando requires a strong belief
    in the afterlife. Otherwise you might have second doubts
    in giving up your earthly life and thus jeopardising
    the whole operation. Secondly a strong conviction in the
    correctness of the action, hatred is the fuel needed here.
    And thirdly, support and blessing by the family and the people,
    to allow smooth departure from this world.

    Given the share of USA in poking and interfering with
    middle east political agenda's, it shouldn't even be all
    the hard to round up sufficient fanatics which amply qualify
    to the mentioned requirements for becoming a suicide commando.
    The testosterone-sodden, ugly young men might be ideal
    candidates but might only form a sub-set of all the people
    who qualify.


    ps. I'm not anti-American (on the contrary, I'm
    going for a post-doc to Berkeley soon).
    It's just that the US does not seem to pay much attention
    to the 64,000 dollar question: `WHY?'.

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