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Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 15:55:41 BST

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    > No doubt the more caution the
    > allies use to ensure a legitimate target, the more anger will collect in the
    > minds of the victims' families and fellow nationals in the time that takes,
    > and the demands for massive retaliation will grow.

    See I dunno what I think will happen there, you could be right (although
    I hope not). Patently you can't 'crush' terrorism, I hope that those
    (including me) seeking some sort of justice here will grudgingly come to
    realise that, and be a little more realistic about possible responses
    (such as NATO 'going in' and probably starting something much bigger
    than is currently the case).

    I'm waiting to see if the story is still going in two weeks, or two
    months. I'm very interested to see what staying power a tragedy of these
    proportions has. I think we'll know things have changed gear when CNN
    finally has an ad break...

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