RE: Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another CIA creature

From: Aaron Agassi (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 14:33:45 BST

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    > That was an extremely cogent bit of summary. I think you can also blame
    > the British (inter alia) for some of this shit as well, it's just that
    > by the time the terrorists have modern tools, the US is the most visible
    > target.
    > When family members react to a loved one's murder they are usually in a
    > rage at first, but then want to know why it happened (as in why the perp
    > did it),

    Having lost someone dear to me under highly suspicious circumstances, I was
    the only one wanting the truth found from the beginning. I was actually
    rooting for the coroner! By whom I now feel betrayed.

    But everybody else still has their head stubbornly in the sand, even more
    than a year later.

    >and so I wonder how long it will be before the vast middle of
    > America will ask that question, or will they ever - is 'evilness' enough
    > here? The media may have a role in this - so far it's been ~60% shots of
    > the wreckage, ~30% interviews with those poor sods in limbo, and ~10%
    > Bush saying he's going to kick the shit out of someone. Noone on the
    > media has asked why yet (in the sense of what motivated their
    > attackers), which I can understand, but I hope the question doesn't get
    > forgotten.
    > Also, to wax memetic (fitness of terrorist/'martyr' memes) for a moment;
    > the hardest the Brits tried to really 'get heavy' with the terrorists in
    > Northern Ireland was internment (imprisonment without trial), which
    > generated more hate and resulted in increased recruitment for the IRA
    > etc.. Similar thing happened with the right wing militias vs FBI/ATF. If
    > we (and it will be we) go to kill lots of arabs, it'll be the second
    > best recruitment tool Bin Lid and his ilk could wish for (obviously
    > being involved in something like the recent atrocity is now the best
    > tool). For every terrorist you stomp on, you grow two more.
    > Actually I think that be they called 'martyrs' or whatever, they are
    > after their fifteen minutes of fame and a seat in heaven. That's selfish
    > behaviour in the extreme, and a predictable response from kids without
    > prospects I suppose. Not very noble though. What actually astonishes me
    > about this whole thing is how they could've stayed dedicated over
    > several years - most suicide bombers seem to go straight from the cleric
    > to the crime with no chance for second thoughts, and cults never let you
    > out of the compound for fear of the programming wearing off - these
    > 'folks' (come back Bill fgs) kept going over years, in Europe and the
    > US. Exposed to, and resisting, the best temptations us decadent WASPs
    > could offer.
    > One last thought - is this growing hate anti-muslim or anti brown skin
    > (as opposed to black if you'll allow me the shorthand) sentiment? Hindus
    > have already been attacked. We desperately need some analysis here (not
    > us here, on the media I mean).
    The News Media is in a deplorably shallow and sycophantic condition.

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