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Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 13:51:57 BST

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    On 09/17/01 07:01, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >This time around the
    >incredulity is more genuine- in American terms.

    From what I know of the events, I can understand the response of a person
    in the second tower, looking out the window at the disaster next door,
    transfixed at the sight, thinking only that some bizarre explosion just
    occured, and, yes, watching it, in horror and fascination, with no
    thought whatsoever that it might happen on his side, any moment now. We
    are not expecting terrorism, and accidents usually don't happen in pairs.

    On a personal level, I have just discovered that a next-door neighbor of
    my galfriend was at the Risk Waters conference meeting for breakfast in
    the restaurant on the top level of the first tower. She is the only one
    unaccounted for from Cambridge, MA, and although I never had the chance
    to speak to her other than a 'hello', I can now put a known face onto the
    experience of this terror.

    - Wade

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